The 2024 Summer Institute is open to all rising high school students and college freshman.

We are pleased to announce the fourth annual seminar on "Business and Catholic Social Thought: A Primer." During the seminar, graduate students and faculty members in business schools will cover foundational principles in Catholic social thought and apply them to their own field of research and teaching. This seminar aims at widening epistemological preconceptions and showing practical implications of Catholic social thought for business in a way that affirms the goodness of business directed toward the common good. Participants will delve into social encyclicals, secondary sources, and relevant business texts that show the path for principled entrepreneurship in order to gain knowledge, exchange experiences, receive help with their syllabi and consider how best to integrate Catholic social thought into business education.

Location: The seminar will take place at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota between Tuesday June 11 and Friday June 14.

A limited number of travel stipends for students are available on a per need basis (see the application form). All participants will be provided with accommodations and meals.

Application Information: This seminar will be open to graduate students and faculty of any specialization in business schools.
 Applicants will be required to submit a completed online application, including:

  • An updated CV/resume.
  • A brief statement of research interest related to Catholic social thought no longer than 750 words.
  • One academic writing sample.
  • All application materials can be submitted via the online application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Fifteen students will be admitted to this seminar. Application materials are due February, 25 in 2024.

Jeffrey Burks, University of Notre Dame

Lloyd Sandelands, University of Michigan

Msgr. Martin Schlag, University of St. Thomas

Andreas Widmer, The Catholic University of America


The Lumen Christi Fellows are selected from students at the University of Chicago and other area universities. Fellows demonstrate an interest in the Catholic intellectual tradition and in sharing community with peers. They receive invitations to private events, dinners, and seminars, while committing to reasonable participation in Lumen Christi programs. Fellows are invited to focus on key areas relevant to their interests: Scripture, Theology and Philosophy, Political Thought, Science and Religion, Catholic Literature and Culture, the University and Liberal Education. The Fellows’ leadership team coordinates with Lumen Christi staff on vision and programming. Interested students are encouraged to apply.

Direct any further questions to Michael Le Chevallier.

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